SkillPath Seminars
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Discover advanced, real-world strategies for handling problem team members and bringing about lasting change. You’ll learn how to root out the actual causes of behavior and attitude problems and avoid drawing the wrong conclusion, set the stage for discipline when you have no other choice and de-stress those stressful one-on-one meetings. This hour is packed with useful tools for addressing anger, negativity, burnout and defensiveness—and building the strongest team members possible. If what you’re doing isn’t working and that problem team member isn’t changing, don’t wait another minute.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:
  • How to discover the true causes of a team member’s destructive attitude
  • Productive ways to resolve internal team conflicts
  • How to develop the best offense when your people are defensive
  • Ways to work through an employee’s poor attitude
  • Strategies for face-to-face meetings that produce the results you need
  • How to more effectively neutralize anger, negativity and burnout
  • Options for finding new answers to old problems
  • What to do when your only choice is discipline
audio; 1 CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608110643

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