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Build a collections mindset that thrives on challenges and see how easy it is to put more money in your company’s pocket. This audio conference gives you the must-have information you need to get started. You’ll learn how to create a foundation of organization, set and stick to priorities, handle angry customers—and many more tips and techniques. Spend an hour in this audio conference and come away renewed, excited about the challenges ahead and more prepared than ever to collect the money your organization is due.

You’ll learn:
  • First one foot, then the other … starting down the path to highly organized collection efforts
  • Accounts receivable priorities … how to set them and stick with them
  • Collect money—and keep customers: The thought process that helps you do both
  • 10 sure-fire steps to building your winning collections attitude
  • The 5 steps of every successful collection program … and how to prepare for each
  • How to eliminate justifications the first time and every time
  • Practical strategies for handling irate and abusive accounts
  • 6 signs that your "hard-nosed" tactics have become harassment
audio; 1 CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608110278

PRICE: $299.95

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