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Do your emotions sometimes overwhelm you in your dealings with other people? Have you ever found it a challenge to think of exactly the right words to say in a moment of crisis? Does speaking up for yourself frighten you? Is a lack of confidence keeping you from getting what you want out of life? When you master the amazing skills of the greatest communicators you will achieve greater success in every area of your life. This powerful program will help you improve the quality of your relationships, become more successful in your career, and grow into a more confident, fulfilled person. You will learn from a master trainer and the author of many communication skills training programs, books and tapes that have helped hundreds of thousands of adults become more effective communicators.

Let Michelle Poley lead you through a process that will educate you, encourage you and entertain you as you master communication. After all -- you're worth it!

Program Highlights:

· What Makes Good Communicators? The Six Common Clarity Problems and How to Solve Them – Once and For All!
· The Surefire Secrets of Sending Nonverbal Messages Your Listener Can’t Misunderstand. A Very Abbreviated History of English
· The Only Grammar Rules You Need and Why You Don’t Need the Others. Pronunciation Pointers. Psychology 101 for Communicators
· Assertiveness: What It Is and What It Isn’t. Getting What You Want With the Eight Steps of Responsible Assertiveness
· Managing Conflict. Resolving Conflict, No Matter What. Developing the Habit of Effective Listening
· The Root Cause of Difficult Behavior, and the Simple Solution to Dealing With Difficult People. Five Keys to Powerful Communication

Contains: six audio CDs
audio; 6 Audio CD’s and 1 Data CD-ROM
ISBN: 1-929874-27-6

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