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Barbara Braunstein is internationally known for her expertise in dealing with difficult people. Her energy, enthusiasm and humor combined with her practical strategies, techniques, tips and tools, make her a top rated trainer, consultant and motivational speaker. She has hands-on, real life experience as a manager in the airline industry, health care field, sports world, and as a business owner. Barbara receives rave reviews from her many clients including Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Wells Fargo, AAA, Association of Junior Leagues International, Lockheed Martin and the United States Tennis Association.

Program Highlights
  • What’s The Matter With People Anyway? The Serious Business of Listening
  • How To Deal With The Four Different Personality Styles
  • How To Deal With Generational Differences - The Radio Agers and the Baby Boomers
  • How To Deal With Generational Differences – Generation X and Generation Y
  • How To Deal With Gender Differences in Communication Styles
  • How To Deal With Creative, Technical and Multicultural Teams
  • How To Deal With Telecommuting, Flextime, Part Time, Shift And Temporary People.
  • How To Deal With An Open Work Environment
  • How To Give Constructive Criticism Constructively
  • How to Negotiate Effectively How To Disagree Respectfully
  • How To Deal With Angry People
  • How To Deal With Your Own Anger and Frustration
  • How To Make Sure You Are Not The Difficult Person.
  • How To Deal With Conflicts Between Other People.
  • Ready, Set, Go! Action Plan
Contains: Six audio CDs and one CD-ROM containing a printable workbook.
audio; 6 Audio CD’s and 1 Data CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781929874149

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