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In these two concise audio presentations, communication consultants Michelle Poley and Zoie Kaye share their insight into the skills and strategies you need to become both poised and powerful in all of your communications.

Mastering the Art of Business Communication by Michelle Poley. (Program time: 44:19)

Do you have the traits of a good communicator? Each of us has certain strengths and unique communication characteristics. In this program, learn how to project your strengths and minimize your weaknesses and improve your on-the-job communications.

How to Keep Negative People from Ruining Your Day by Zoie Kaye. (Program time: 35:43)

Do you know people whose glass is always half empty, and who want you to share it with them? Don’t buy into a bad attitude. Learn to recognize negativity before it creeps in and starts to damage your communication with others. Keep your attitude altimeter soaring!
audio; 2 CDs
ISBN: 1-929874-94-1

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