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Interactive video training is the solution you’ve been looking for to get the most out of the software programs you use every day. If you’re serious about becoming more productive quickly, these tutorials will easily become your "BEST" resources.

50 Best Excel® 2007 Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Master Excel® 2007 by watching a master reveal how easy it is to use the most popular and practical features of this powerful spreadsheet program. Start wherever and whenever you want—these 50 mini-programs add up to over 5 ½ hours of training for beginning, intermediate and advanced Excel® users.

50 Best PowerPoint® 2007 Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Turn your next meeting or sales pitch into a memorable multimedia experience. PowerPoint® users at any level can learn at their own pace with these 50 high-powered mini-lessons guaranteed to dazzle your viewers and get real results.

50 Best Outlook® 2007 Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Sure, Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 is a powerhouse e-mail program—but that’s only scratching the surface! Dig deeper into Outlook’s capabilities the easy way with this unique DVD training program packed with 50 of the BEST tips you’ll find anywhere!

50 Best Word 2007 Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Get into Word’s finer points and bump up your Word savvy quickly and painlessly with 50 "how-to’s" on everything from using Themes and Styles to creating and managing blog postings. These 50 tips show you how easy it is to get the results without wasting valuable time "guessing" how to do it.

50 Best Access® 2007 Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Take control of your vital information with Access®. 50 sure-fire tips are presented in separate mini-lessons you can learn and try at your own speed. Together, they cover it all, from simple databases to automated macros, including tables, forms, queries, reports, security and everything in between—more than seven hours of "Aha!" moments for all users.

Each program contains 50 Shockwave® Flash® files on DVD-ROM. Play with Windows Media® Player, Media Player Classic, MacroMedia® Flash or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.
dvd-rom; 5 DVD-ROM

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