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Prepare to be amazed. At Creative Suite features you didn’t know were in the software. At functions you couldn’t figure out how to apply. At creativity and productivity you didn’t even know were possible.

With each of these 50 right-sized video programs, you can tailor your training to what you need and when you need it. Each can be viewed in a matter of minutes, and each adds up to over five hours of practical training..

50 Best Adobe® Creative Suite® Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Print Professionals

Adobe InDesign
  • Setting up a Document in InDesign
  • Setting up Guides in InDesign
  • Using Auto Correction in InDesign
  • Apply an Object Style in InDesign
  • Placing Images into InDesign
  • Placing Illustrator Objects into InDesign
  • Using Blend Modes and Feathers in InDesign
  • Adding Type and Drop Shadows
  • Linking Text Boxes
  • Step and Repeat Frames
Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating a Montage in Photoshop
  • Working with RAW images
  • Turning an Image Sepia with Photoshop
  • 3 Point Color Correction
  • Working with Clipping Mask
  • Selective Sharpen
  • How to Alter an Image
  • Alpha Channel Mask
  • Color Adjustments to Images
  • Increase the Size of Images Without Losing Quality
Adobe Illustrator
  • Playing with Type in Illustrator
  • Pen Techniques
  • Text Wrap Features in Illustrator
  • Illustrator Frame Effects
  • Creating Silhouettes of People
  • Using Offset in Illustrator
  • Playing with Illustrator’s Pathfinder
  • Creating Custom Brushes in Illustrator
  • Using Clipping Mask in Illustrator
  • Creating Textures on Objects
Adobe Acrobat
  • Getting Started in Acrobat
  • Creating Hyperlinks in Acrobat
  • Creating Multiple PDF Documents
  • Interactive Forms
  • Mark Up Tools
  • Placing a Video in Acrobat
  • Read Out Load Feature in Acrobat
  • Scan Your Signature into Acrobat
  • Understanding Security
  • Setting Bookmarks in Acrobat
Adobe Bridge
  • Actions through the Bridge
  • Batch Rename in Bridge
  • Copy Files to Another file
  • Going from JPG to Raw
  • Adding Keywords and Metadata
  • Using the Metadata Template
  • Rate Your Image in Bridge
  • Setting up the View in Bridge
  • Slideshow
  • Viewing Files in Bridge

50 Best Adobe® Creative Suite® Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Web Developers

  • Getting Started in Dreamweaver
  • Customizing Dreamweaver
  • Creating a Page in Dreamweaver
  • Optimizing Pages and Saving in Dreamweaver
  • Customize Dreamweaver for Productivity
  • Mouse over effects in Dreamweaver
  • Understanding the
    Tag in Dreamweaver
  • Working with Images in Dreamweaver
  • Creating a Photo Gallery
  • Working with CSS styles in Dreamweaver
  • Getting Started with Flash
  • Working with Animation in Flash
  • Creating Shape Tweens in Flash
  • Using Mask in Flash
  • Working in Layers
  • Video Creation in Flash
  • How to Create a Motion Guide in Flash
  • Creating a Flash Slideshow
  • Saving Flash to a
  • Adding Sound to Flash
  • Getting started with Fireworks
  • Make a Button in Fireworks
  • Creating a URL Library
  • Working with Symbols
  • Creating Pop Up Navigation
  • Using Photoshop and Fireworks
  • Using Slices in Fireworks
  • Creating Frames in Fireworks
  • Controlling Frames with Behaviors
  • Saving Fireworks HTML to Dreamweaver
  • Batch Actions for the Web
  • Creating Panoramics in Photoshop
  • Setting Up Your Color Settings
  • Customize Photoshop Preferences
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Fixing a Dark Image in Photoshop
  • Cropping in Photoshop
  • Using the Vanishing Point Filter
  • Using the Crop and Straighten Option
  • Adjusting Color in Photoshop
  • Creating Layout Grids
  • Using the Pen Tool
  • Using Live Trace
  • Using the Blend Tool in Illustrator
  • Apply a Gradient Mesh to a Project
  • Using Symbols in Illustrator
  • 3D Tools in Illustrator
  • Creating Navigation Graphics
  • How to Use Mask in Illustrator
  • Saving for the Web

Michael Gatewood is an expert in photography, graphic design and the technology used to create fine Web and print products. Following successful careers in advertising and marketing, he has devoted the past 10 years to training people throughout the US on Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and a variety of other Web development and design tools.

Each contains 50 QuickTime video files on DVD-ROM. Shown in CS3.
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