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Crystal Reports is a unique and powerful, multi-functional tool being used more and more—yet few users really know how much data reporting and analysis can be accomplished using its formulas and functions.

In this concise step-by-step program, software expert Philip Wiest uses real-work examples in a convenient video format to demonstrate the correct "If…Then…Else…" syntax to use in the Formula Workshop, as well as how to edit formulas, nest functions, define reports, use vertical and horizontal formulas, and much more. It’s easier than you think to become an accomplished "Crystal Reporter"!

  • Part one: What are Functions and Formulas in Crystal Reports
  • Part two: The Formula Workshop
  • Part three: Using Functions and Formulas for Formatting
  • Part four: Using Formulas and Functions for Records
  • Part five: Using Formulas and Functions for Groups

webinar; 1 CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781608110940

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