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Take control of your vital information with Access. 50 sure-fire tips are presented in separate min-lessons you can learn and try at your own speed. Together, they cover it all, from simple databases to automated macros, including tables, forms, queries, reports, security and everything in between—more than 7 hours of "Aha!" moments for all user levels.

Unlock the power of Access to make your job easier, your business more productive and your life more organized!

Video tutorials cover:

Getting Started
Creating Tables
Managing Field Data Types
Creating Primary Keys and Indexes
Sorting and Filtering Data
Creating Simple Select Queries
Creating and Using Forms
Creating a Database From Templates
Customizing the Navigation Pane
Customizing Access Options

Working With Tables
Validating Data With Rules
Formatting Field Contents
Creating Lookup Fields
Creating Table Relationships
Protecting Data With Referential Integrity

Using Filters and Queries
Using Advanced Filter Options
Adding Calculated Fields to Queries
Designing Queries That Require User Input
Creating Queries to Total Records
Using Crosstab Queries to Summarize Values
Finding Unmatched Records
Finding Duplicate Records
Using Join Types in Queries

Running Action Queries
Running Update Queries
Running Append Queries
Running Make Table Queries
Running Delete Queries

Working With Forms
Introducing Layout View for Forms
Creating Forms With the Wizard
Creating Forms in Design View
Customizing Forms With Controls
Adding Controls for Calculations
Creating Forms With Subforms
Customizing Forms With Option Groups
Formatting Access Forms
Creating Tabbed Forms

Working With External Data
Getting Data From Other Programs
Collecting Data From E-mail Programs
Integrating Access and the Internet
Attaching Files to Access Records

Working With Reports
Creating Mailing Labels
Creating PivotTable® Reports
Creating Access Reports
Grouping, Sorting and Totaling Reports
Saving Forms as Reports

Managing Databases
Backing Up and Maintaining Databases
Understanding Access Security Settings
Splitting Access Databases

Automating Access
Adding Commands to Automate Forms
Creating a Switchboard
Creating Macros

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