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Sure, Microsoft® Outlook 2007 is a powerhouse e-mail program—but that’s only scratching the surface! With 50 concentrated mini-lessons, you’ll learn how to use Outlook asyour address book, project planner, "to-do" list, scheduling calendar, personal journal … basically everything you need to get organized and stay that way. With more than 7 hours ofinstruction, the easy to understand, step-by-step tips cover all the latest features and let you learn them at your own pace.

Video tutorials cover:

Getting Started:
Customizing Startup Options in Outlook® 2007
Exploring Outlook 2007’s Toolbars
Introducing New Features in Outlook 2007
Personalizing Outlook’s Appearance
Using Styles to Format Text
Introducing Quick Parts

E-mail Essentials:-mail Essentials
Reading and Organizing E-mail Messages
Organizing With Color Categories
Creating Rules to Organize Your Inbox
Responding to Messages
Using AutoCorrect Options
Working With Bullet Points and Lists
Using Signatures for Messages
Working With Attachments
Saving Attachments Offline
Tracking E-mail Messages
Saving Sent Messages
Handling Junk E-mail

Outlook 2007 Basics:
Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook 2007
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Forwarding Items in Outlook
Inserting Tables Into Outlook Items
Working With Folders
Creating Multiple Profiles in Outlook 2007
Saving Time With Templates
Customizing Outlook 2007 Forms
Securing Your E-mail
Customizing and Filtering Views
Printing Outlook 2007 Items
Inserting Pictures in Outlook 2007
Getting RSS Feeds in Outlook
Archiving Outlook Data

Working With Contacts
Importing and Exporting Contacts
Making Changes to Multiple Contacts
Using Distribution Lists
Merging Contacts for Mailings
Communicating With Mobile Devices

Working With Calendars:
Working With Calendars in Outlook 2007
Managing Your Calendars in Outlook 2007
Scheduling Meetings
Sharing Calendars

Managing Your Information:
Working With Notes
Tracking Activities With the Journal
Flagging Messages for Follow-up
Turning To-do Reminders Into Tasks
Detailing Tasks
Assigning Tasks to Others
Searching for Information
Customizing Search Folders

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