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This easy-to-use DVD-ROM training gives you the 50 best tips and techniques from Microsoft® Project that will quickly push your productivity through the roof. With over 7 hours of powerful tips and techniques—from creating a realistic Project Calendar to generating detailed custom reports—you’ll learn the secrets (and dozens of time-saving shortcuts) to working smarter and getting better results with less effort.


Initiating—the Foundation Is Everything
  • How Project "Really" Works
  • Setting Up the Project Screen
  • The Real Task Table
  • The Real Resource Table
  • The Real Assignment Table
  • Understanding the Project Calendar
  • Your First Project—the Unwritten Rules
  • Borrowing Existing Projects—Templates
  • Creating a Custom Template

  • Planning—Building a Real Plan
  • Working With Tasks, Milestones and Summaries
  • Gantt Charts Versus Network Diagrams
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Predecessors and Successors
  • Fixed Duration Versus Fixed Units Versus Fixed Work
  • Constraints
  • Importing Tasks
  • Creating Custom Task Text Fields
  • How to Create Custom Task Number Fields
  • Inserting Documents Into Tasks
  • How to Estimate Durations With PERT Analysis
  • Graphic Tasks
  • How to Create Resources
  • How to Create Custom Resource Outline Fields
  • How to Import Resources
  • How to Customize Resource Values
  • Working With Budget Resources
  • How to Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Working With the Resource Pool
  • How to Create a Base Calendar
  • How to Create a Resource Calendar
  • How to Create a Shift Calendar
  • How to Assign a Task Calendar
  • Saving the Baseline
  • Back to Templates—With the Organizer

  • Executinging
  • Inputting ACTUAL Project Progress
  • Tracking Projects With the Project Guides
  • How to Customize a Table
  • How to Customize a View for Printing
  • How to Format Completed Milestones
  • How to Customize Groups and Filters
  • How to Generate a MS Project Report
  • Taking a Picture of Your Project

  • Controlling
  • How to Discover and Level Overallocated Resources
  • Setting Up Task Deadline Alerts
  • How to Delay a Project
  • Working With Earned Value Information

  • Closing
  • Looking at Variances
  • Exporting
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Final Thoughts and Bonus Tips

  • Contains 50 Shockwave® Flash® files on one DVD-ROM. Play with Media Player Classic, MacroMedia® Flash or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.
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