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With Crystal Reports®, generating your business reports just got a whole lot easier! And, with expert trainer Philip Wiest leading you through these 50 shortcuts and time-savers, you’ll become a masterful "Crystal Reporter" in no time.

Learn to make your data "go to work" for you. Learn to create reports that run the gamut—from complex reports containing huge amounts of information, to simple reports that distill your information down to a single easy-to-understand summary. Complex or simple, Crystal Reports can handle each and every one of them.

Each of these short, to-the-point video presentations is a full demonstration of a specific technique, function or feature that will make your life easier. Start wherever you want and begin:

  • To Access
  • To Xtreme
  • To Excel
  • To Text
  • To Text and Excel
  • To XML
  • To SQL
  • The Field Explorer
  • The Report Explorer
  • The Workbench
  • By a Single Field
  • With Sort Controls
  • By Records Within Groups
  • By One Text Field
  • By Date Fields
  • By Multiple Fields
  • By Calculated Fields
  • By Custom Groups
  • With Page Breaks
  • With Repeated Group Headers
  • With Custom Repeated Group Headers
  • Records from a List
  • Records from a List with a Formula
  • "Is One Of" Option
  • With Multiple Criteria
  • Between Function
  • Reports With Parameters
  • Groups of Records
  • Highlighting Versus Filtering
  • Using Checkboxes Versus Highlighting
  • Using the Standard Report Wizard
  • Using the Blank Report Wizard
  • Using the Mailing Label Wizard
  • Using the Cross-Tab Report Wizard
  • Making Your First Chart
  • Formatting A Chart
Writing Formulas…
  • With the Formula Workshop
  • Using the DateDiff() Function
  • Using the MID() Function
  • Using the Aged0to30Days() Function
  • As an RPT File
  • As a PDF File
  • As a CSV File
  • As an Excel .XLS File
  • As a Word .RTF File
  • Using a Report Definition
  • File, Options
  • Field Formats
  • "Group on Server"
  • Inner and Outer Joins
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