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by Vance A. Hall
Making better business decisions often comes down to simply understanding the three eternal constraints of management—the past, the present and the future.

While this book is not intended to provide you with an MBA or make you into an accountant or financial analyst, it will give you a working understanding of the roles and functions of these constraint factors and show how they can improve your business decision-making process. Read more...
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by Crisp Learning
This package of five Crisp "50-Minute" books are for managers and supervisors who have to understand and manage the financial aspects of their business, but have never been trained. Read more...
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by Lesley Bissett, CFP
Being financially independent is a goal many of us strive toward. In Going for the Gold, professional financial planner Lesley Bissett cuts through the financial jargon to answer common financial questions, offer insights that will help you adopt smarter financial habits, and guide you in developing and implementing a plan to make your goal of financial stability and independence a winning reality. Read more...
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by Total Training
Save 50% when you buy all five Microsoft® Office 2010 video training tutorials!

Microsoft Excel® 2010: Essentials - 7.2 hours
Microsoft Outlook® 2010: Essentials - 7.0 hours
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010: Essentials - 6.5 hours
Microsoft Word 2010: Essentials - 9.0 hours
Microsoft Access® 2010: Essentials - 5.7 hours
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by Philip Wiest
Excel training that focuses on 3 hot areas all Excel 2007 users wish they knew more about is here!

Microsoft® Excel 2007 Charts & Graphs
Microsoft® Excel 2007 PivotTables®
Microsoft® Excel 2007 Macros & Modules

These DVD-ROMs are not only loaded with "how-to-do-it" specifics, they save you time with their menu-based modules that allow you to pick and choose exactly what you want to learn.

Accompanying Excel worksheets allow you to work on the exact same data that the trainer uses. Read more...
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by Danny Rocks
Learn to master Excel 2007 by watching a master reveal how easy it is to use the most popular and practical features of the world’s most powerful spreadsheet program. Start wherever and whenever you want—these 50 mini-programs add up to over 5 1/2 hours of training for beginning, intermediate and advanced Excel users. Read more...
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by Danny Rocks
Take control of your vital information with Access. 50 sure-fire tips are presented in separate min-lessons you can learn and try at your own speed. Together, they cover it all, from simple databases to automated macros, including tables, forms, queries, reports, security and everything in between—more than 7 hours of "Aha!" moments for all user levels.

Unlock the power of Access to make your job easier, your business more productive and your life more organized! Read more...
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by Philip Wiest
With Crystal Reports®, generating your business reports just got a whole lot easier! And, with expert trainer Philip Wiest leading you through these 50 shortcuts and time-savers, you’ll become a masterful "Crystal Reporter" in no time. Read more...
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