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Great job. Information I can use at work and in everyday life. Thanks. – D. Wilder
Helpful information to use both in personal and professional situations. – J. Burow
I’ve never been as pleased with a seminar. Exceeded my expectations. – J. Steiner
SkillPath really knows how to get to the heart of things in the workplace. – S. Lange
It was very empowering. I can’t wait to apply what I learned today. – W. Black

Youth Training

SkillPath offers maximum value, flexibility and convenience when it comes to increasing and improving your human capital development. We provide the convenience of on-site, on-your-schedule training that is customized to specifically target your employees and your organization. We will tailor each workshop's learning objectives to match your organization's core competencies and ensure maximum retention by including case studies, exercises and examples that are relevant to you and your people. Our approach, our methodology and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your organization reaches all of its employee development goals.

SkillPath provides training in a wide range of topics from management and leadership to communication, human resources, performance management, finance, project management and many more. Through our CompuMaster division, we provide technical seminars in topics ranging from Windows® and Microsoft® Office applications to Adobe® Photoshop®, Javatm Web applications, Cisco® networking devices, Visual Basic®, Flash® and many more. In total, SkillPath offers professional training on more than 350 topics.

    SkillPath Training Information

    SkillPath Enterprise Solutions can bring the following topic to your company: Youth Training

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    Sampling of Courses from SkillPath's On-Site Library

    Course Title Standard Duration
    Business Basics: Making the Transition from School to Work 1 Day
    The "ABC's" of Excelling in Today's Workforce 1 Day
    Resume Writing 1 Day
    Interviewing Skills for the Interviewee 1 Day
    Budgeting Skills for Teens and Young Adults 1 Day
    Business Writing Basics for Professionals 1 Day
    E-mail in the Workplace 1 Day
    How to Become a Better Communicator 1 Day
    Get the Most from Your Mentor/Mentee Relationship 1 Day
    Developing a Professional Presence 1 Day
    Youth Leadership 1 Day

    Additional course topics are available upon request.

    Course Content

    All SkillPath courses are tailored to meet each client's specific needs. That includes using real-world examples and exercises, as well as adapting to any time frame and narrowing or expanding learning objectives as necessary. Language and content for all materials are tailored to match each client's own language before course content and materials are sent to production

    All classes can be adjusted as needed to half-day, one-day or multi-day sessions. Additionally, our CompuMaster courses can be taught in any software version requested. Courses that focus on the changes between two different versions are available as well.

    Training Delivery

    • Pre-training: Tailoring and customization of content
    • Delivery of training using lecture, small and large group exercises, case studies, role-plays, games, etc.
    • Post-training: Follow-up within 30 days to review information, provide coaching, set goals, etc. (optional)