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Webinars and teleconferences

Live Webinar or teleconference training brings an exciting new dimension to on-site training. Organizations appreciate the flexibility that a technology-based training option brings: Live, instructor-led training from the comfort and convenience of a participant’s office or conference room.

Just like classroom-based on-site programs, SkillPath Enterprise Solutions can conduct training on any topic and training course you choose or custom-build a Webinar or teleconference that meets your specific needs. Individual, group or multiple-location training is easily facilitated through a multimedia option that combines live, instructor-led sessions in which participants can:

  • Collaborate and interact in large groups
  • Share resources
  • Participate in audio breakout sessions
  • Participate in group brainstorming
  • Use interactive chat, polls, virtual flip charts and more

Webinars and teleconferences are ideal to address business training

  • As convenient and flexible stand-alone sessions designed to focus on your staff development objectives
  • As follow-up coaching sessions to traditional training days that reinforce and focus on concepts and ideas obtained during your traditional, instructor-led training

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