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Flexible train-the-trainer solutions

Let our trainers train your trainers! Our flexible and client-focused approach will provide your organization with the highest-impact train-the-trainer solution. Most organizations have in-house professional training staff on board to deliver training but don’t have the time to evaluate, initiate and develop all of the materials required. We recognize your in-house trainers are experts when it comes to understanding your organization, mission, culture and employees the best! Since they know best how to improve productivity and growth in your organization, our focus is to provide a flexible solution in order to deliver a high-impact, results-oriented training program.

Whether your trainers are new or have years of training experience, SkillPath Enterprise Solutions can train your trainers to present our training courses anytime you wish.

Just need content for your trainers to present? Learn more about our content licensing solution.

Our Train-the-Trainer Certification will ensure that your trainers…

  • Understand the background and theory behind the content
  • Effectively communicate key messages related to course materials
  • Understand and utilize interactive/experiential delivery techniques properly
  • Feel comfortable managing touchy topics related to course material


Up to five client trainees will learn about the content and material. A SkillPath on-site trainer will deliver course material to a class of up to 20 people.
Our trainer will walk client trainees through the content and materials, visual aids, handouts, examples used, background and theory behind the content, activities, role-plays, etc.
Trainees conduct the course for the SkillPath on-site trainer while he/she critiques and provides feedback. This can be done either with or without videotaping.

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