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In Developing a Professional Presence, participants will learn...

  • Recognize the accepted rules of business etiquette in any setting
  • Understand the power of body language and eye contact
  • Recognize how your communication style affects your image and credibility
  • Describe the ins and outs of dressing appropriately
  • Describe how the way you manage a meeting affects your credibility
  • Define effective ways to deal with difficult people

Your professional image is one of your most valuable personal resources. It helps you interact effectively with co-workers, deal successfully with clients and even move up the career ladder. This course will help you gain skill and confidence in how you present yourself. Learn everything from proper business etiquette on the job to who pays for lunch and who should be introduced first. You’ll also discover tips for building credibility through better communication habits. In addition, you’ll learn how to better deal with difficult people and situations.

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    Business etiquette: Professional polish that shows

    • Common courtesies of business conduct and communication
    • Standards for interacting with your boss professionally
    • The most common workplace etiquette errors
    • Eliminate the use of damaging or biased language
    • Changing traditions: Who picks up the tab, opens the door and more
    • Personal appearance: Why it makes a critical difference

    Professional communication that commands respect

    • Foundations of professional business communication
    • Making a stellar first impression
    • Major communication mistakes to avoid—and power-robbing communication habits
    • Project credibility with the right words and body language
    • Professional telephone strategies

    Written communication that’s professional and credible

    • The most damaging blunders in business writing
    • Get your point across respectfully
    • Best business email practices
    • Know when to use email and when to use the phone

    Conducting effective meetings

    • Why planning for a meeting is as important as the meeting itself
    • Tips for leading more purposeful, professional meetings
    • How to think on your feet
    • Handle any question with professionalism and confidence
    • Why effective meeting leadership adds to your credibility

    Dealing professionally with difficult people and situations

    • What could be driving their behavior—and how to avoid making it worse
    • Dealing with your own emotions in difficult situations
    • How to cope positively with the person who is never happy
    • Take a critical look at your own behavior to address that of others