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SkillPath offers a comprehensive library of more than 400 training courses in order to address your business and training needs. These courses and content provide straightforward, fundamental and basic training, or we can tailor the content to address the specific challenges your organization is facing. One of our account managers will collaborate with you to clearly understand and define business objectives to ensure we deliver an effective training solution to improve your business.

Our trainers will work with you to tailor the content delivery. No matter what type of interaction you are looking for—experiential, interactive or virtual training—we have the best resources in the industry!

Popular courses that are great for clients looking for off-the-shelf tailored training:

Coaching and Teambuilding for Managers and Supervisors

  • How to inspire employees to “go the extra mile”
  • How to give feedback that helps your workers correct shortcomings and do their very best
  • How to create an environment of caring and cooperation
  • How to deal with difficult employees and turn problems into pluses … more

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Essentials of Communicating With Diplomacy and Professionalism

  • How to handle the toughest questions with finesse and polish
  • Techniques for maintaining composure
  • How to think on your feet in meetings, interviews and impromptu presentations
  • Diplomatic ways to deliver bad news without creating bad feelings … more

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Essentials of Excellent Customer Service

  • How to make every customer feel important
  • How to avoid the mistakes that cause most customer conflicts
  • How to handle a customer who’s rude, abusive or questions your authority
  • How to manage several customers who want your attention at the same time … more

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Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines

  • How to reap the benefits of better planning
  • How to get organized and stay that way
  • Why deadlines get missed–and how to improve
  • How to make sure real “top priorities” don’t get lost in the shuffle … more

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Social Media Marketing

  • How to define your strategy and create your social media plan
  • How to make social media “connect” for your business
  • New tools and new ways to grow your business
  • The most common mistakes being made–spot them on the horizon and take a detour … more

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