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Content licensing

Developing a training program for your employees can literally take months of preparation. Your organization may already have a professional staff on board to present courses to your employees, but not the time to initiate, develop and evaluate all the training. Our flexible and simple process provides customized content for specific training needs. We can customize a course for your business or you can choose from one of our 250+ courses ready for immediate delivery.

Whether it’s leadership, management, communication, sales or customer service, we have the resources for your organization and in-house trainers.

Why this works for our clients:

  • Customized content for your specific business
  • Freedom from the labor-intensive process of content research and development
  • Flexibility to train whenever necessary, for a small or large audience
  • Content that has been tested and proven effective
  • Your in-house training staff understands your organization, mission, culture and employees the best!

What you get

Your licensing package comes complete with a master facilitator’s guide and participant workbooks. There are no annual renewables when you license our content, and you can use your own trainers to present it to large or small audiences whenever you choose.

Need your in-house professionals trained to present our content? Learn more about our train-the-trainer solution.